Activities and services


Investment consultancy and facility-establishment assistance aimed at guiding companies through the system of benefits, incentives and tax refundations guaranteed by the Czech Republic and the EU to specific investment projects. This should specially appeal to those investors, manufacturers and know-how owners who wish to relocate their production to the Czech Republic, there employ local personnel, establish production plants, technology hubs as well as further manufacturing and servicing facilities.

EPC contractors

Business acquisitions for all committed suppliers and EPC contractors who offer reliability, technical competitiveness and cost-efficiency in oil, gas, transport, energy, industry, communication and defence. If you are one, it is for you that we will do free-of-charge business research, provide information on upcoming projects and eventually team you up with competent partners in the target territories.


Outsourcing and recruitment of competent foreign EPC suppliers for prominent contractors in selected MENA countries. If you are a MENA contractor, we will be happy to offer you renowned suppliers for an outstanding performance in oil, gas, transport, industry, energy, communication and defence.


Consultancy, updated reports, studies, ratings, assessments and recommendations regarding investment environment, venture capital, business planning and development, economy, society and education in selected parts of the MENA region.

Wealth management

Wealth management and administration of funds for private clientèle and all individuals who require personal approach. Financial consultancy and financement solutions for small, medium-sized and large projects in the MENA region.